Forthcoming performances


Agricola IXd (ensemble version), distractfold, le bruit de la musique festival, Saint-Sylvain-sous-Toulx (France), 22 August, 20:30

Agricola IXc, solo quarter-tone oboe, Austrian Cultural Embassy, London, 8 October, 2014 (evening)

Significant Performances


Per Serafino Calbarsi III: antistrophes (pour voix seule) (2014), Nina Whiteman, Cosmo Rodewald Hall, University of Manchester, 1 May 2014

Agricola IXd (ensemble version), distractfold, St Paul’s Hall, Huddersfield, 22 August 2014

Agricola IXb (solo tenor sackbut), Daniel Serafini, 10 January 2014, Room 30, National Gallery, London  (world premiere)


Agricola IX (Flute, Violin, Viola and ‘Cello)
Distractfold, 27 November 2013, 20:00, Anthony Burgess Foundation, Manchester


Agricola IXd (solo Flute)
Richard Craig (U.K. premiere), 20 November, October 2013, 17:15, Carole Nash Room, Royal Northern College of Music, Manchester (part of book launch event for Lois Fitch, Brian Ferneyhough, Intellect Press)

Agricola IXe (solo bass clarinet)
Carl Raven (House of Bedlam, premiere), 30 October 2013, Royal Northern College of Music, Manchester (North-West Composers Festival)

Agricola VIII (version with keyboard)
Trio Aporia (premiere), 30 October 2013, Cosmo Rodewall Hall, Martin Harris Centre, University of Manchester (North-West Composers Festival)

Per Serafino Calbarsi II : Le Songe de Panurge

Alice Purton (Trio Atem), 29 October 2013, BBC Studios, Salford Quays (North-West Composers Festival)

Rock franglais
David Horne (premiere)
27 March 2013, Royal Northern College of Music, Manchester

Agricola IXc
Christopher Redgate
28 January 2013, Royal Academy of Music, London.


Nicholas Ashton
Börsensaal der Handelskammer Hamburg, 22 November


Cantus cantici canticorum I
St Oswald’s Church, Durham (MUSICON), 27 May


Agricologies (pour violes), revised
Fretwork (premiere)
De Bijloke, Ghent, 3 May

Agricologies (pour quatuor)
Kreutzer String Quartet (premiere)
Elvet Methodist Church, Durham (MUSICON), 29 October


Agricola IV : Fortuna desperata à 6
Fretwork (premiere)
Wigmore Hall, London, 25 June

Agricologies (pour violes)
Fretwork (premiere)
Purcell Room, London (, 16 September


Per Serafino Calbarsi II : Le Songe de Panurge
Neil Heyde (premiere)
The Warehouse, London (BMIC Cutting Edge), 21 October


Cantus cantici canticorum I
Orlando Consort
Dominikanerkirche, Regenburg (Tage Alter und Neuer Musik), 12 June


Filigranes pour les Frères Limbourg
Ensemble Capricorn, dir. Diego Masson (premiere)
Royal College of Music, London (SPNM : Pianos, Tapes, and Capricorn), 19 March


Structures en Bronze
Barrie Webb (tmb.), Jonas Larsson (perc.)
35. Darmstädter Ferienkurse für Neue Musik, 28 July


Structures en Bronze
Alain Trudel (tmb.), François Gauthier (perc.) (premiere)
Redpath Hall, Montreal (Les Évènements du Neuf), 9 December 1987


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